Introduction Edit

Ships in Battle Galaxy have a number of different aspects to them that must be understood in order to use them to their full potential. The following is a summary and description of the general aspects that every ship has to varying degrees.

NOTE: The game is still in beta, so any information found herein may have changed.

Base Stats Edit

All ships in Battle Galaxy have the following base stats:

  • HULL: The core hitpoints of the ship. If this reaches 0 the ship explodes. Does not naturally regenerate, however some crewmembers and ship abilities can restore part of the Hull of a ship.
  • SHIELDS/SHIELD REGENERATION: Shields are the first line of defense of a ship. They naturally regenerate at the start of the ship's turn. No ship starts with any shields by default, however there is a dedicated equipment slot for a shield module and certain crewmembers can also boost shield quantities and regeneration rate.
  • ARMOR: A defensive value that helps reduce the damage received by Physical attacks.
  • RESIST: A defensive value that helps reduce the damage received by Energy attacks.
  • EVADE: A % chance that a ship will partially dodge a weapon shot to get a Glancing blow that does half damage. This is calculated separately for each individual weapon fired from an enemy ship. Countered by Accuracy.
  • ACCURACY: A % boost to the natural accuracy rating of each weapon on your ship to determine if the attack is Evaded or not.
  • CRIT: A % rating to check if a weapon shot gives a Critical hit for an additional 50% damage. Each weapon is calculated separately.
  • POWER: Every piece of equipment takes Power to load onto a ship, and the better the equipment is the more power it takes. Also note that some ship Special Abilities depend on the maximum Power of the ship, so keep this in mind when choosing equipment and upgrades.
  • SPEED: Determines how quickly the action bar of a ship fills up so that it can attack. Faster ships attack first and attack more often.

Equipment/Crew Edit

All ships in Battle Galaxy have the following equipment and crew slots. All equipment is capable of being upgraded which will increase its core stats. Also note that the ship itself can also be upgraded in a similar manner, which will increase its hull and Power.

  • WEAPONS x 3: These three slots are where Weapon modules can be loaded which are your primary method of causing damage to enemy ships. There are Missile weapons, cannon (Physical) weapons and Energy weapons with a wide variety of strengths and sub-abilities. Also note that the Special Ability of some ships depends on a specific weapon type being fitted so keep that in mind when choosing weapons for a ship.
  • HULL x 1: A slot for a Hull module, which will increase the hull hitpoints and at least one of the two defenses of Armor or Resist. Hull modules usually give more HP per power cost than shields.
  • SHIELD x 1: A slot for a Shield module, which will increase both the maximum quantity and regeneration rate of the shields.
  • ENGINE x 1: A slot for an Engine module which will increase the Speed and Power available to the ship, as well as one special sub-stat.
  • CREW x 3: These three slots are for Crew members. They are able to improve most known aspects of a ship. Crew naturally gain XP and level up as they go through combat unlike equipment.

Special Ability Edit

Most ships in Battle Galaxy have some kind of special ability, usually designed to cause a large burst of damage to an enemy fleet or repair damage to your own. See the Ship List for more details.

Ship List Edit

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